ironmark games' donations

Ironmark Games sent us two copies of San Ni Ichi and art books!

San, Ni, Ichi is a quick and light trick-taking card game designed to be played as a “filler” game while waiting for other games to finish or when time is limited.

In this game cards represent attacks aligned with 3 different elements (fire, water, and wood). Each element is strong against one and weak against the other, forming a rock-paper-scissors arrangement. The cards also have numbers on them that represent the strength of the attack.

Players start out with a hand of cards and during a round take turns playing cards on other players, forming a stack. Cards placed on the stack must adhere to the strength/weakness rules (that is, a card can only be played on top of a card if it “beats” that element). At the end of the round the player with highest-numbered card showing takes their whole stack and adds it to their damage pile, and the next round begins. At the end of several rounds the player with the least damage is declared the ninja master and overall awesome person (also known as The Winner).

San Ni Ichi is a super-fun game, so come on out and play it for the chance to win a copy! You’ll get the art book as well!

Thanks Ironmark Games!