Admagic donations

AdMagic Games donated again!

AdMagic Games is constantly helping out those in need! Known for a ton of fun games and cool gaming accessories, AdMagic Games has helped raise money for SafePlace several years in a row. Go check out their website to stay up to date on their offerings, and come on out to bid on their amazing donations. Thanks AdMagic Games!
Adventure on Games logo

Adventure On Games donated again!

Adventure On Games donated The Grimwood again to help raise money for SafePlace! Go check out their website for more info on The Grimwood, and come on out for your chance to win a copy in our Play-to-Win event! Thanks Adventure On Games!
Games by playdate donations

Test out your match making skills at Game for the Cause!

Games by Playdate is helping Safeplace raise money. Slash 2: thirst blood is a standalone sequel to the popular fanfiction shipping game slash. Players compete to create the One True Pairing by choosing popular culture figures from their hand of cards to pair with the character chosen by the matchmaker. If the matchmaker chooses your card, you win the round and score those points. If they don’t choose your card, you can… Read More »Test out your match making skills at Game for the Cause!
Marbushka's donations

Marbushka donated to help raise money for SafePlace!

Marbushka is dedicated to their charity! Infinite space awaits you! Unknown planets are calling to you with treasures and adventures. Now you can find out what the life of a real space pirate is like, searching for hidden treasures and even fighting battles to get more loot. It’s worth taking the risk for the fantastic treasures, because their magic power can come in handy on your journey. But watch out,… Read More »Marbushka donated to help raise money for SafePlace!
The Blue Butterfly Emporium's donations

The Blue Butterfly Emporium donated to help SafePlace!

The Blue Butterfly Emporium sent us these awesome art prints! Those are so cool. Old book pages with amazing art. Check out The Blue Butterfly Emporium’s website for whimsical and cool artwork printed on book pages. It’s super-fun! Thanks The Blue Butterfly Emporium!
Tantrum House's donations

Tantrum House donated these cool meeple decals!

Tantrum House is helping raise money for SafePlace! Take a look at Tantrum House’s website where you’ll find super-awesome game accessories! Man, that shirt that says, “I’m not a traitor”… I need that! Come on out to the convention to get these cool decals! Thanks Tantrum House!
Peachy Customs' donations

Peachy Customs donated to our convention!

Peachy Customs is helping SafePlace raise money! Do you want awesome comic-themed magnets and prints? Because we got them! Come on out to bid on these super-cool donations! Take a look at Peachy Customs’ website for more awesome products! They’ve got Pokemon, superheroes, holiday, unicorns, you name it! Thanks Peachy Customs!
Original Animal Magnet's donations

Original Animal Magnet donated a bunch of awesome magnets to help SafePlace!

Original Animal Magnet is dedicated to charity! Just look at these awesome dinosaur magnets! And they could go home with you! So come on out to bid on these in our silent auction! And check out their website for more awesome magnets! They’ve got animals of all types, for weddings, home decor, or just plain amazingness! Thanks Original Animal Magnet!