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Ion Game Design us helping SafePlace raise money!

HIRÞ is a 2-player strategy game that is designed to look, feel and play like a game from the Viking times. The HIRÞ board is about 20×9″ (50×22 cm) and the game is produced with partly hand-made components and in materials and fabric that are true to the Viking era.

It is easy to learn but has depth and plays well with both experienced and inexperienced boardgamers. Since it is made of cloth it is very portable and works excellent to bring on travels or to the park. It is a perfect filler at game meet-ups as well as a great little game to play at home. HIRÞ is made of cloth of seldom seen quality in games, with embroidered patterns, wood pieces and a real Viking coin replica. Great attention has been given to details to provide that feeling of a 1000 year old Viking game.

Come on out to the convention to bid on this awesome game, and check out Ion Game Design’s website for more great games!

Thanks Ion Game Design!