ghoulash games' donations

Ghoulash Games donated Ghoulash: The Last Game on Earth and Mike & Joe’s Card Game to help SafePlace raise money!
Grab your pens and a couple of copies of the new GHOULASH Original Paper Game and get ready to start destroying the giant, green monsters that threaten mankind. This version, played entirely on paper using specially designed grids, is a battle you can wage anywhere, anytime. All you need are a couple of the game books (one for each player), and a couple of pencils or pens. Play GHOULASH at the beach, at the park, at school, at work, at your local gaming group. Play in the waiting room, or in line for a movie, or in-between classes. Give a couple of books to the kids to play in the back seat on a long car ride.
Any card game can give you one game. Any card game can give you several games, played one at a time. But only Mike & Joe’s Card Game gives you and your friends and family three games at once!
Come on out to our convention to play these awesome games for the chance to win a copy, and check out Ghoulash Games’ website for more great games!
Thanks Ghoulash Games!