Genius Games' donations

Genius Games donated two copies of Covalence and Virulence!
Covalence is a chemistry-themed cooperative card game where players work together to accurately build a number of secret organic molecules. One player has knowledge of a set of Secret Molecules. All other players must deduce what these secret molecules are, based upon clues given to them. Players must cooperatively construct their molecules before the clues run out!
Virulence is an addictively quick and simple card game where players take on the role of viruses! Players compete to infect a host cell (place bids using virus cards) in order to replicate their own viral components allowing players to score points up front, or build their power of their bidding hand.
Come on out to our convention to play these awesome games for the chance to win a copy, and check out Genius Games’ website for more amazing games!
Thanks Genius Games!