Veldi Games' donations

Veldi Games sent us copies of Quadrum to help SafePlace!
The game consists of 24 (playing card) tiles. The tiles are dealt face up, 12 to each player, at the beginning of the game and remain face up for the entire game. Players take turns playing tiles to the board and the player who uses all their tiles first wins.
Each tile has a one of three different symbols (cross, circle or square) is each of the corners – exactly one card of all possible combinations up to rotation. To legally place a tile on the board it must be placed next at least one other tile and both the symbols along the common edge must match.
The main strategic aspect comes from the additional rule that if a player places a tile next to two or more tiles (such as in a “corner”) then they get to have another turn (with no limit on extra tuns achieved this way).
Come on out to play this abstract game for the chance to win a copy, and check out Veldi Games’ website for more details!
Thanks Veldi Games!