We got some great questions by e-mail, so I’ll post here with some answers:

1) Since Saturday lasts most of the day, what’s the plan for food? Are there restaurants nearby for people to go to? Will there be food sold on the premises?

We will sell light snacks. Here’s a link to a quick Google search of restaurants nearby, which includes lots of fast food down Riverside. I recommend the Super Burrito about 30 seconds away on Oltorf, or Taquerias Arandinas a little down Riverside.

2) Will people be able to come and go during the day or are you not allowed to return after you have left.

People can come and go as they please, we will give a name tag that shows you paid and it will get you in for both days.

3) Is everyone bringing their own games for the event and/or will there be some sort of “game library”?

We are bringing games for the gaming library, and I encourage everyone to bring your own games as well.

4) Do you have any idea how many people will be in attendance at the event?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a master list, as we’ve advertised in so many places. My goal is to get at least 150 people. Help us reach our goal by bringing a friend. With 150 people at $20/per person, we will raise at least $3000 for SafePlace.

A few rules:

Please don’t bring or use alcohol or tobacco products on the Methodist Church property, and please don’t wear shoes that will damage a gym floor.

Please DO come ready to play some games and help a good cause at the same time!