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SimplyClever.Cards Arithmetic combines traditional playing cards, math flash cards and the multiplication table from 0 to 12. The deck has 52 cards in 4 colours numbered 0-12, and 4 jokers. The jokers have mathematical operators *, +, – and = so you can make your own calculations using the cards. Designed to function like a regular deck of cards, SimplyClever.Cards Arithmetic allows you to play any regular card game you want to – but with a mathematical twist! Game examples: 500, Blackjack, Bridge, Casino, Crazy Eights, Durak, Egyptian Ratscrew, Go Fish, Hearts, Memory, Old Maid, Poker, Rummikub, Slap Jack, Snap, UNO, Whist The key mechanic is that each card lists 5 multiplication products at the bottom, below the main card value (ranging from 0 to 12). Mathematical versions of regular card games are created by combining three cards such that the product of two card values can be found among the 5 listed on a third card.
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