PLAAY's donations
PLAAY is helping SafePlace raise money!
With COLD SNAP, you can bring back “the good old days” of Canadian pro football, or, re-live last year’s exciting pro season! ANY time is “football season” when you’ve got a copy of COLD SNAP on your game shelf! YOU call the plays, YOU set the defensive alignments, YOU decide who to bring in when a star player goes down with an injury. Think you can do a better job with your favorite Canadian pro team than the real-life coach did? Well, now you can find OUT! (HINT: you might just gain a new respect for the real-life coach!)
Do you want sports simulated in board games? Good, because that’s what you’re getting with these amazing games by PLAAY. Check out their website for even more awesome games, and come on out to the convention to bid on these great games.
Thanks PLAAY!