Overworld Games donations

Overworld Games is dedicated to their charity, and is helping SafePlace with another donation!

Come play Exposed, where you try to swipe as many wallets as you can, all the while keeping from being exposed by the other thieving players. Be a doctor, teacher, or politician, and try to make a clean getaway, after you have the loot of course!

And Leaders of Euphoria, a Good Cop Bad Cop style game set in the Euphoria universe. Try to find your teammates to band together, and take out the opposing leader, but watch out! Your teammates can switch sides! And if anyone dies, they are on an entirely separate team! It’s out of control, but can you manage the chaos?

Check out their website for more details on Booze Barons and other awesome games, and come on out to our convention to bid on these fun games in our silent auction.

Thanks Overworld Games!