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La Bataille d’Austerlitz 1805 recreates a seminal contest in the Age of Napoleon between Napoleon’s Empire of the French and the Third Coalition’s Russian and Austrian armies, led by General Prince Mikhail Kutasov, on December 2, 1805 in what is today’s eastern Czech Republic. The game is on six 22” by 32” maps at a scale of 100 meters per hex, and features over a thousand full color counters, a commemorative CD that will have nearly a hundred pages of rules, scenarios, articles and player aids, and various charts. In addition, La Bataille d’Austerlitz 1805 features the geography of the area reflecting as it actually was in 1805. Also of note is a superior graphic product of unit counters, maps and other playing components.
Come on out to play La Bataille d’Austerlitz 1805 for the chance to win a copy, and check out Marshal Enterprises’ website for more details.
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