Fox and Ox creations donations

Fox & Ox Creations sent us two copies of Bureaunauts to help raise money for SafePlace!
Welcome Bureaunauts! In this board game, you will race against the other players to get to the top of the galactic corporate ladder. Each player hyper jumps around space to make their mark in the most powerful corporation in the galaxy. As you play, you influence five departments by completing your Career Goals. When one player completes their final Career Goal, a vote is triggered. The player with the most votes wins the job of Galactic CEO!
Bureaunauts is a 45-60 minute medium weight game for 2 to 6 players that has simultaneous action selection and a unique end game mechanic that keeps it competitive until the last moment.
Check out their website for more great games, and come on out to play Bureaunauts in our Play-to-Win event!
Thanks Fox & Ox Creations!