Tin Shoe Games Donates New Game

Tin Shoe Games donated their new game, Radiant. Come play this card drafting, area control game in the Play-to-Win event and you could take this beautiful game home with you.

SlugFest Games Donates New Games

SlugFest Games donated the latest installment of The Red Dragon Inn. Add it to your collection when you win it in the Silent Auction!

SchilMil Donates to Help SafePlace

ShilMil donated some fun games to this year’s convention. Whether you like the strategic tile laying mechanism of Komodo, or hilarious bluffing games like Granny Wars, there is a game here for you.

Red Raven Games Donates New Game

Red Raven Games has donated their new game MegaLand. It is a press your luck game that features Red Raven’s characteristic art work.