Our Sponsors

Todd Geldon – donated 7 games

Hodge family – donated 2 sewn bags

Paizo – donated RPG and board game

Stonemaier Games – donated Euphoria

Looney Labs Games – donated 3 games

Cockerham family – donated Puerto Rico

Victory Point Games – donated Gem Rush

Ayerdis family – donated game-related crafts

Molly – donated glitter paintings and blanket

La Mame Games – donated $50 to SafePlace

Doctor Finn’s Games – donated Capo dei Capi

Alderac Enterainment Group – donated 4 games

Cool Mini or Not – donated 2 games (Zombicide)

Wonko’s Toys and Games – donated three games

Two Lanterns Games – donated 2 copies of Morels

Flying Buffalo Inc – donated 10 Origins poker decks

Bananagrams – donated several games and promos

Ormsby family – donated Smallworld: Underground

Dr. Sarah J. Witherwax – donated a dragon painting

Melanie Lewis – pledged monster-themed game bag

Rio Grande Games – donated 4 games for the library

Hero Games – donated 4 RPG manuals and 3 dice sets

Arcane Wonders – donated Mage Wars plus expansions

Plaid Hat Games – donated 2 copies of Bioshock Infinite

Jeff Shald – donated a ton of games to the Dutch auction

BoardGameBash – lent equipment from their convention

Retro Planet – donated 5 metal signs and 2 gift certificates

Give to Game – donated a ton of games for the Dutch auction

Overworld Games – donated a game to the play-to-win event

Taylor family – donated The 80’s Game and Twilight Scene-It

Tasty Minstrel Games – donated three copies of Dungeon Roll

SlugFest Games – donated 8 games, including Red Dragon Inn

Crits Happen – donated a stack of games for library and auctions

Whose Turn Is It Games – donated 5 games and 5 gift certificates

Tribe Comics and Games – donated 14 games and 13 graphic novels

Greater Than Games – donated Sentinels of the Multiverse and art work

Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy – donated Munchkin Zombies gift pack

CustomDiceBags.com – donated 8 custom dice bags and 2 gift certificates

Prologic Technology Systems Inc. – donated $100 for refreshments at event

Fireside Games – donated 6 games, including the new Munchkin Castle Panic

Kapp family – donated over 20 games for the Dutch auction and silent auction

Patrick Sullivan – ran X-Wing demos, a mini-tournament, and donated 2 prizes

Parker Lane UMC – as a partner of SafePlace, donated their space for our convention

Moonlight Crew Publishing – provides hosting and web design, donated tournament prize

Steve Jackson Games – donated 27 games and promos (and SJ signed a copy of Munchkin)