Our Sponsors

Will Early – donated our logo

Sarah Morse – donated jewelry

Fireside Games – donated 5 games

Bananagrams – donated three games

Looney Labs Games – donated 4 games

Stan Hodge – donated 3D wooden puzzle

Andrew Taylor – donated pictures for the blog

Alderac Enterainment Group – donated 6 games

Melanie Lewis – donated handcrafted game bags

Alicia Farre, Artist – donated paintings and coasters

Holly Cockerham – donated photography for website

Greater Than Games – donated Sentinels of the Multiverse

Great Hall Games – donated 3 games and $25 in gift cards

ReMemory Photography – donated photography at the event

Moonlight Crew Publishing – provides hosting and web design

Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy – donated Miskatonic School for Girls

Prologic Technology Systems Inc. – donated $100 for refreshments at event

Patrick Sullivan – ran X-Wing demos, a mini-tournament, and donated a prize

Wonko’s Toys and Games – donated Dreadfleet and Letters from Whitechapel

Persinger Family – donated artwork for the silent auction and snacks for event

CustomDiceBags.com – donated several custom dice bags and 2 gift certificates

Steve Jackson Games – donated 31 different games, some multiples, for 45 in total

Parker Lane UMC – as a partner of SafePlace, donated their space for our convention

Whose Turn Is It Games – donated 6 games, gift certificates, and gaming accessories

Tribe Comics and Games – donated a package of 13 games and tons of gift certificates

Michael McCarthy – donated Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd edition) with expansion

Crits Happen – donated over 13 games for the gaming library and shirts for raffles/auctions

Renaissance Miniatures – donated model-building kits for door prizes, and 2 model buildings

Rio Grande Games – donated Dominion sets, promo sets, and first prize for Dominion Tournament

Ayerdis Family – donated DC Deck Building Game, Cthulu mittens, and 3 beanies: zombie, TMNT, and Princess Leia