Molly with two copies of Naruto Shippuden board game

Japanime Games donated to our Play-to-Win!

Japanime Games donated to help SafePlace! Feast your eyes on the Naruto Shippuden board game! Join your friends as you battle the forces of evil. Will you avoid the traps and dispatch your foes, or will your enemies get the better of you? Find out at the convention, where you can play to win a…

Molly with Natalie's donations

Natalie Ayerdis made all things cool!

Admit it. You want those TMNT oven mitts. Badly. The only thing you want more than those is the Wonder Woman beanie. Or the Game of Thrones (or A Song of Ice and Fire for the purists) blanket-scarf-throw-thing. Well, they could all be yours if you come to the convention and mosey over to the…

Molly with Crits Happen donations

Crits Happen donated A HUGE amount to our convention!

Crits Happen donated a ton of games! Tox of Crits Happen has always donated generously, and this year was no exception. Take a look at all that stuff you can buy in either the silent auction or the Dutch auction. Man that’s a lot of games. Thanks Tox!

Molly with two copies of Downsize

Braincrack Games donated Downsize!

Braincrack Games donated to our Play-to-Win event! Come play Downsize, the game where you try to fire your employees faster than your opponents can fire theirs. But watch out: You can be forced to hire people back! Make sure to get the most returns, and you could walk away the winner.

Molly with Ironmark Games donations

Ironmark Games donated to our Play-to-Win event!

Ironmark Games donated San, Ni, Ichi! San, Ni, Ichi is a trick-taking game for three to six players, and a single game can go as quickly as fifteen minutes. Come on out and play a round at the convention, and you could win a copy!

Molly with two copies of The Networks

Formal Ferret Games donated two copies of The Networks!

Formal Ferret Games donated to our Play-to-Win event! Do you know what’s an awesome game? The Networks, that’s what. Play as a TV exec trying to get more ratings for your favorite TV shows. You’ll need to hire stars and land ads, and the savviest exec will walk away with the most viewers. Come play…

Molly with Grey Fox Games donations

Grey Fox Games donated a bunch of awesome games!

Grey Fox Games donated to our silent auction! With a cool line of games on their website, Grey Fox Games are known for smash hits Champions of Midgard and Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. Check out their website, and come bid on their donations at the convention!

Molly with Cherry Picked Games donations

Cherry Picked Games donated to our convention!

Cherry Picked Games donated to our Play-to-Win event! Can you stop the demon invasion? Come find out when you play Catalyst, the card-driven role-playing game of post-apocalyptic demon occupation. When you play, you get a chance to win a copy!

Crafty Games donated Little Wizards to our convention!

Crafty Games donated to our Play-to-Win event! Take on the role of a Lil’ Wizard as you explore the magical archipelagos of Coinworld. Will you know magic from birth, or did you learn at a school? What animal will be your familiar? Can you solve the mysteries and save the day? Written for a younger…

Convergent Games donated to our Play-to-Win event!

Convergent Games donated two copies of Crop Cycle! Come play to see who is the better farmer. Will weeds overgrow your fields, or will you bring in the most bounteous harvest? When you play, you get a chance to win one of the copies!