Molly holding Greater Than Games donations

Greater Than Games always gives to help SafePlace!

Since we’ve started this convention, Greater Than Games has always donated to help SafePlace. Famous for their Sentinels of the Multiverse line, Greater Than Games knows how to make a good game. They recently combined forces with Dice Hate Me Games, and now have a bigger product line than ever. Go check them out, and…

Molly holding Card Wars

Cryptozoic Entertainment donates Card Wars!

Cryptozoic Entertainment donated Card Wars! Known for several awesome product lines, Cryptozoic makes fun games based on popular licenses. Check out their website, and come bid on Card Wars in the silent auction!

Molly holding games from Doctor Finn's Games

Doctor Finn’s Games keeps on giving!

Doctor Finn’s Games donates again and again and again! DFG has a Kickstarter that you can back right now! Check it out, and come play Let Them Eat Shrimp in the Play-to-Win event!

Attendees playing games

Game for the Cause raised $8027.31 for SafePlace!

Doubling our attendance from 80 last year to 160 this year, we nearly doubled our donation to SafePlace from $4300 to over $8000 this year! Huge thanks to everyone that came out and to all the donors. If it weren’t for your help, we wouldn’t have nearly as much to give to SafePlace. 100% of…

Robert of LDS Happiness

LDS Happiness donated $250 to our convention!

Robert of LDS Happiness donated $250 to our convention! We used the money for pizza and other food so that folks didn’t have to leave the convention early to go eat. What we didn’t spend was added onto the total amount donated to SafePlace. Check out LDS Happiness’ website for great shirts! Thanks Robert!

Molly with SolarFlare Games donations

SolarFlare Games donated to help the cause!

SolarFlare Games donated to our convention! Known for Thrash-Car and Dumpster Brawl, SolarFlare Games has many more in store. Check out their website, and come play their games in our Play-to-Win event!