Molly holding two copies of Pleasant Dreams

Aerjen Games donated two copies of Pleasant Dreams!

Aerjen Games donated to our Play-to-Win event! Play-to-Win is where you play the game, and we give you a raffle ticket. At the end of the convention, we’ll raffle off all the played copies, and you could be the winner. So come on out and play Pleasant Dreams, and go check out the Aerjen Games…

Molly with Educational Insights games

Educational Insights donates again!

Educational Insights donated a bunch of cool games! Come out and play Kanoodle Genius, or try your hand at sports trivia with Blurt. Can’t wait to see you at the convention!

Molly with Tribe's game donations

Tribe Comics and Games donated a record-breaking amount!

Holy mackerel! Tribe Comics and Games donated A TON. “Huh?” you ask, slightly puzzled. “I mean, yeah, that’s pretty good, but…” And then you scroll down to see the next pictures. Tribe donated so much that we couldn’t fit it all into one picture. Come on out and bid on all this great stuff! Thanks…

Molly holding 2 copies of Between Two Cities

Stonemaier Games knows their charity!

Year after year, Stonemaier Games helps out SafePlace with a generous donation. Known for quality games with quality components, Stoneamaier Games recently released Scythe, and it’s taking the board game world by storm. Check out their website, and be sure to come and play Between Two Cities in our play-to-win event!

Molly holding Greater Than Games donations

Greater Than Games always gives to help SafePlace!

Since we’ve started this convention, Greater Than Games has always donated to help SafePlace. Famous for their Sentinels of the Multiverse line, Greater Than Games knows how to make a good game. They recently combined forces with Dice Hate Me Games, and now have a bigger product line than ever. Go check them out, and…

Molly holding Card Wars

Cryptozoic Entertainment donates Card Wars!

Cryptozoic Entertainment donated Card Wars! Known for several awesome product lines, Cryptozoic makes fun games based on popular licenses. Check out their website, and come bid on Card Wars in the silent auction!

Molly holding games from Doctor Finn's Games

Doctor Finn’s Games keeps on giving!

Doctor Finn’s Games donates again and again and again! DFG has a Kickstarter that you can back right now! Check it out, and come play Let Them Eat Shrimp in the Play-to-Win event!