Molly with Wyrd Miniatures donations

Wyrd Miniatures donated mystery boxes!

Wyrd Miniatures donated mystery boxes of different sizes? Want to know what’s in them? Then come on out to the silent auction and place your bid! Whatever they are, since they’re from Wyrd Miniatures, they’re going to be awesome!

Molly with's donations donated some awesome games! donated some super-cool games! Known for great prices and fast & fair shipping, has tons of great games. Check out their website, and you will definitely find something there that you like. That’s a guarantee you can take to the bank. Come bid on their donations in our silent auction!

Molly with Stronghold Games donation

Stronghold Games donated Little Devils!

Stronghold Games donated to our Play-to-Win event! Little Devils is a trick-taking game in which you want the least little devils (points). Can you score less than your opponents? Come find out, and you could win a copy!

Molly with three copies of Co-Mix

Horrible Games donated Co-Mix!

Horrible Games donated three copies of Co-Mix! Known for Dungeon Fighter and their new game, Potion Explosion, Horrible Games made a cool story-telling game of Co-Mix. Come on out and play Co-Mix in our Play-to-Win event!

Molly with Renegade Game Studios donations

Renegade Game Studios donated a lot of games!

Renegade Game Studios donated so many games! And you could win them! Come play Fuse, a super-cool timed speed game, and Lanterns, a tile-laying game. Or Double Feature, where you try to name the movie the fastest. All of these are in our Play-to-Win event, and you could go home with a copy!

Molly with Diamond Dust Dreams donations

Diamond Dust Dreams donated to help our convention!

Diamond Dust Dreams donated two games to our silent auction! From their website: “Kitsune (pronounced kit-soo-nay) are Japanese fox-spirits, known for tricking unwary mortals. We’ve come to know them through traditional tales, wherein they do this for many reasons: purely for fun, to devour mortals or steal their souls, and so on. In this a…

Molly with Two Lanterns Games donations

Two Lanterns Games donated to our Play-to-Win event!

Two Lanterns Games donated two copies each of Morels and Agility! Morels is quickly becoming a two-player classic, and Agility is a new-to-us game that we’re excited to play at the Play-to-Win event. You could win a copy, so come on out and play these games!

Molly holding Asmadi Games donations

Asmadi Games donated to help SafePlace!

Asmadi Games donated two games to our silent auction! We have played several Asmadi Games (Innovation, Red7, Mottainai, etc.) and we have enjoyed them all. Come on out and bid on their donations, and check out their website!