Magic Meeple Games' donations

Magic Meeple Games donated to our Play-to-Win event!

Magic Meeple Games donated copies of Darkrock Ventures to help raise money for SafePlace! Space is a hostile environment with a known alien presence. Resources are scarce and it is commonplace for companies to mine asteroids to acquire them. It is known that aliens raid these asteroids and therefore mining companies are geared accordingly in…

Maeflower Signs' donations

Maeflower Signs donated to help SafePlace!

Maeflower Signs is dedicated to charity! Check out this awesome unicorn sign. Man that’s so cool. And it could be yours if you come out to the convention to bid in our silent auction. Head over to Maeflower Signs’ website for more awesome signs. There is seriously something for everyone there, you won’t be disappointed….

Lucky Loser Games' donations

Lucky Loser Games is supporting the cause!

Lucky Loser Games donated to help SafePlace! Basketball Age is a board game for two players that recreates a real basketball match. Each player is one of the two team coaches facing off . You have point guards, shooting guards, small forwards, power forwards and centers . You can rely on your outside shooting or…

PLAAY's donations

PLAAY sent us awesome sports games!

PLAAY is helping SafePlace raise money! With COLD SNAP, you can bring back “the good old days” of Canadian pro football, or, re-live last year’s exciting pro season! ANY time is “football season” when you’ve got a copy of COLD SNAP on your game shelf! YOU call the plays, YOU set the defensive alignments, YOU…

Magnificent Meeples' donations

Magnificent Meeples donated these amazing accessories!

Magnificent Meeples is helping SafePlace raise money! Check out these awesome gaming accessories! And there are plenty more on the Magnificent Meeples website, so head over there to see if they have upgrades for your games. You will not be disappointed. And come out to the convention to bid on these donations in our silent…

Fandom Decal Design's donations

Fandom Decal Design donated these awesome decals!

Fandom Decal Design is dedicated to their charity! Check out these amazing decals! There are plenty more at Fandom Decal Design’s website, so go check those out, and head on over to the convention to bid on these great decals. You can put them on your car, your computer, your window, you name it. Thanks…

Boss Key Designs' donations

Boss Key Designs donated to help SafePlace!

Boss Key Designs gave us these awesome knobs to help raise money for SafePlace! Check out this geek decor for your home. You can make your kitchen into the testament of awesome geekiness that you always wanted, and if you take a look at Boss Key Designs’ website, you’ll definitely find something you like. Come…

Molly with copies of Colossal Blob

Questing Creatures donated to our Play-to-Win event!

Questing Creatures gave us two copies of Colossal Blob!   Colossal Blob is a fun, 2 to 4 player pick-up-and-play card game for everyone! Playing as a Blob, players must collect growth cards to grow or play attack cards to shrink their opponents. The goal is to become the biggest, baddest, most COLOSSAL blob to…

Just the Nerdy bits' donations

Just the Nerdy Bits donated to help SafePlace!

Just the Nerdy Bits gave us these awesome game accessories to help raise money for SafePlace! Man these are awesome. And there are so many more bits for different games at the Just the Nerdy Bits website, so go check them out to see what game you can upgrade with these amazing pieces. And come…

KiteLion Games' donations

KiteLion Games donated to help SafePlace!

KiteLion Games is helping raise money for the cause, and gave us the game Dethroned! Dethroned is what happens when a game developer is forced to play too much Mafia. Dethroned takes the hidden-role genre and makes it faster. Simple enough for parties, meta enough for board game geeks. A dynamic card game fusing Real-Time…