Wonko’s Toys and Games donates!

Wonko’s Toys and Games donated Dreadfleet and Letters from Whitechapel. Wonko’s is in North Austin, and they host several game nights weekly, including Magic tournaments. Join in on a game night with them, and come bid on their donations in our silent auction!

CustomDiceBags.com donates some great game accessories!

CustomDiceBags.com came through big time for us. They donated several awesome bags and two gift certificates, so you can commission your own bag. Go check out their website and see what designs you want, and then come bid on the bags at our silent auction!

Whose Turn Is It? Games gives to charity!

Whose Turn Is It? Games is a game store local to Austin. They donated some very popular games and accessories to our silent auction. WTII hosts open game nights and Magic tournaments throughout the week. Drop by to see their selection, and play a game while you’re there!

Crits Happens gives to the game library

Crits Happen donated a ton of games to the general gaming library. Also pictured are some Mage Wars shirts for raffling and auction. Crits Happen is a game reviewer local to Austin, run by Tox. Go check out his reviews, and his Critical Gear. Then come play the games Tox donated!

Alicia and John donate art!

John and Alicia donated this painting, and Alicia helped Molly make dragon and dinosaur coasters. We’ll bundle this painting and the coasters with games in the silent auction. Make sure to check them out while you’re there, they’ll go fast!

Molly adds some paintings to the mix!

Game for the Cause founder Molly Wright is donating two glitter paintings to the silent auction. We’ll bundle them with some superhero-themed games, so get ready for the auction. It’s going to be awesome!

Rio Grande Games donates for tournament play!

Rio Grande Games donated a lot of Dominion products, including prizes for the tournament. Participants will receive the Stash promo card, and first prize is a Dominion treasure chest. Rio Grande is famous for many of their award-winning games, so you can expect to have fun at the Dominion tournament. Can’t wait to see who…

Looney Labs helps by giving!

Looney Labs Games donated four games to help us out. They are famous for Fluxx, the ever-changing game, and Chrononauts. Come give them a bid in the silent auction!

AEG gives some games!

Alderac Entertainment Group donated four copies of Love Letter and two copies of Straw. Love Letter is a fun game that will guarantee laughs (or groans) the entire game. AEG is also known for Thunderstone, Nightfall, Smash Up, and many more. Come bid on their donations in the silent auction!

Greater Than Games donates!

Greater Than Games donated Sentinels of the Multiverse, which is Tom and Molly’s favorite co-op game. GtG released several expansions to Sentinels, as well as a new game, Galactic Strike Force. They announced a board game version of Sentinels for release soon. Go check out Sentinels, it’s pretty awesome.