Peachy Customs' donations

Peachy Customs donated to our convention!

Peachy Customs is helping SafePlace raise money! Do you want awesome comic-themed magnets and prints? Because we got them! Come on out to bid on these super-cool donations! Take a look at Peachy Customs’ website for more awesome products! They’ve got Pokemon, superheroes, holiday, unicorns, you name it! Thanks Peachy Customs!
Original Animal Magnet's donations

Original Animal Magnet donated a bunch of awesome magnets to help SafePlace!

Original Animal Magnet is dedicated to charity! Just look at these awesome dinosaur magnets! And they could go home with you! So come on out to bid on these in our silent auction! And check out their website for more awesome magnets! They’ve got animals of all types, for weddings, home decor, or just plain amazingness! Thanks Original Animal Magnet!
Nobbins, Bobbins, and Bling's donations

Nobbins, Bobbins, and Bling donated to help SafePlace!

Nobbins, Bobbins, and Bling knows their charity! Everything tastes better when made with these geeky cooking accessories! And there’s also a key holder! Check out Nobbins, Bobbins, and Bling’s website for more awesome products! They’ve got everything for any fandom you can think of! It’s a geek celebration! Thanks Nobbins, Bobbins, and Bling!
Waxwing Puzzle Company's donations

Waxwing Puzzle Company donated to our Play-to-Win event!

Waxwing Puzzle Company is helping raise money for SafePlace! Speakeasy is a 75-minute, hidden role/social deduction game for 10-40 people, similar to games like Werewolf, The Resistance, or Two Rooms and a Boom. It is simple to learn, but has lots of room for strategy and rewards repeat playing. Speakeasy can be played at home, in a pub, or anywhere the group can fit. It is not turn-based and is… Read More »Waxwing Puzzle Company donated to our Play-to-Win event!
Wattsalpoag's donations

Wattsalpoag donated to help SafePlace!

Wattsalpoag sent us awesome games to support SafePlace! A Fistful of Penguins is a quick, engaging family dice game of gathering animals to add to your zoo. After three rounds, the person who has made the most money displaying animals wins. In Buccaneer Bones, sail your fleet of galleons to the Murky Isles, hiding place for some of the greatest pirate treasures ever buried. Roll the Buccaneer Bones (landlubbers call… Read More »Wattsalpoag donated to help SafePlace!
Water Bear Games' donations

Water Bear Games donated to our Play-to-Win event again!

Water Bear Games sent us two copies of Discount Salmon! Players are fishmongers whose supply comes exclusively from the world’s most contaminated body of water: Lake Miasma. Every single thing that comes out of that cesspool has SOMETHING wrong with it. How do you make a profit out of this thing? Players simultaneously try to resolve fish quality issues or make it more difficult for other players to do the… Read More »Water Bear Games donated to our Play-to-Win event again!
Ultra Pro's donations

Ultra Pro donated 125 copies of Bad Beets!

Now that’s dedication to charity! Ultra Pro gave us 125 copies of Bad Beets to support SafePlace. Bad Beets is a fast-paced bluffing card game in which players must eat their vegetables — well, get rid of their vegetables through any means that they can. Each player starts the game with eight beet cards that they must finish before they can leave the dinner table. On a turn, a player… Read More »Ultra Pro donated 125 copies of Bad Beets!